Fall is here! Are your gutter ready?

Each year we get a number of calls for an emergency gutter cleaning.  Usually that means the water is pouring over the gutter and splashing against the house and sometimes even getting into the basement.  Stay ahead of the problems by getting your gutters cleaned.  Clear Summit will clean your gutters so that you don't need to get up on the ladder your self, and we won't leave a mess behind.

Gutter cleaning

The rain is here, are your gutters ready?

Portland is a having a true pacific Northwest winter.  Heavy rainfall is leaving everything soggy and wet.  Hopefully you are staying high and dry.  How is your house faring?  When was the last time you cleaned your gutters?

Overflowing gutters will pour water right next to your house.  This will soak the area around your foundation, and splash back on to your siding.  This can leave an unsightly mess but it can also leave you needing a canoe to navigate your basement.  We have had several frantic calls for gutter cleaning in the past two weeks, many of them prompted by water coming into the basement. 

Getting the water off the roof and away from the house is a big factor in preventing this.  Give us a call and we will make sure that your gutters are cleaned, clear, and running smoothly.  We will be in and out without leaving a huge mess behind.  It keeps you off the ladder in the wind and pouring rain.  What's cheaper, paying for a great service or a trip to the emergency room?  

Call Clear Summit Window and Exterior Cleaning for any of your gutter, roof, or window cleaning needs!


Getting Ready For Spring Cleaning

With the great weather we have been experiencing in Portland the last few weeks, it seems like we might have an early spring!  With the change in season it's time to start thinking about your spring cleaning.  

It is a great time to wash the exterior of your home.  A low pressure wash of your siding and trim can leave your home looking brighter and clean, without the danger of high pressure water damage.  

Clear Summit Cleaning offers a low pressure house washing service that can remove the dirt, dust and grime from winter.  In addition we offer window cleaning so you have just one call to make for your exterior cleaning needs.

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Clear Summit Cleaning is your choice for all of your exterior cleaning needs.  

From window washing to pressure washing, or gutter and roof cleaning we have you covered! We offer professional, friendly and reliable service that you can trust.

Don't get up on an unsafe ladder to clean your gutters or windows.  Let us do the dirty work!

You stay safe and your home will look great!

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to improve your curb appeal! Pressure washing your driveway and surrounding walkways not only improves the look of things but also eliminates slippery and hazardous surfaces.

Over time concrete accumulates dirt and stains from exposure to the elements.  Moss, mold, and mildew can also grow on these surfaces which can make walking around your home a hazard.  By cleaning your driveway and sidewalks you not only protect yourself from falling, but you can also protect yourself legally.  If someone were to slip and fall on the sidewalk in front of your home they may try to hold you liable.  

Eliminate the risk and turn up your curb appeal with our pressure washing service.  We offer free quotes and will leave your driveway and sidewalks spotless and slip-free.

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How to Clean Your Windows?

Cleaning your windows seems like an easy job, and we have all cleaned windows at one time or another with a spray bottle and paper towels.  Can't anybody do it?  In reality cleaning windows properly, takes specific tools, methods and technique.  

The problem with using a spray bottle and paper towels is that you are not actually cleaning your windows.  The purpose of washing your windows is so they are clear and they look good.  To do that you need to remove the dust, dirt,and grime that accumulates over time.  Using the traditional spray and wipe method, you are not actually cleaning the dirt off of your window.  In reality you are just spreading it around.  So even after ‘cleaning’ your windows you are still left with a haze on the glass.

Let Clear Summit Cleaning do the work for you!  We will leave your windows clear and spotless in less time!  Contact us for a free quote on our Professional and Friendly service!

Spring is Springing and Summer is Near!

With only a month to go we are on the official countdown to Summer.  With Spring winding down, have you completed all of your spring cleaning?  If your spring cleaning includes, your windows, roof driveways, or anything else exterior we can help!  To have your roof or windows cleaned give us a call for a free quote.  Don't forget, now if a great time to treat for moss!