Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning is an important, but an all too forgotten task.  Most home owners don't think about gutter cleaning until it is pouring down rain and the gutters are overflowing.  As simple as they are, gutters are an important part of protecting you home from major damage.  Getting up on a wobbly ladder when it's cold and wet outside is not very appealing or safe.  Let Clear Summit Window and Exterior Cleaning do the dirty work.  Your gutters will function properly and you stay safe!  

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Gutter Cleaning Packages

We offer different gutter cleaning services to fit your needs.  From clean out service to ensure functionality to gutter whitening to enhance curb appeal we have you covered.

Gutter Cleaning


-Troughs Cleaned

-Downspout Flushed

Our gutter cleaning ensures your gutters are ready to handle the all of the rain we get in Portland.  First the gutters are cleaned from any debris.  Then we verify that the downspouts are functioning by flushing the system with water.

Gutter Whitening


-Gutter Face Cleaned

You always want your gutters to work, but you probably also want them to look nice.  Over time gutters get dirty and can begin to streak with black lines detracting from the look of your home.  Whether you want a fresh look or your getting your house ready to sell, we can help